A New Wrought Iron Garden Gate for a Country Cottage

Most of our case studies focus on our larger projects, but this month we wanted to highlight one of our smaller jobs. Requiring just as much attention to detail and care to ensure their long-lasting success, it’s thanks to smaller, everyday projects that we have honed our skills and built a reputation that allows us to win big projects. Whatever the project size, we apply the same level of commitment and thoroughly enjoy creating bespoke solutions that meet – and even exceed – our client’s expectations.

In the case of this project, our customer wanted to replace his rather old wrought iron garden work gate. He wanted the new gate to be in keeping with his countryside cottage and have enhanced security measures.

As with all of our projects, we visited the site in person to establish our customer’s requirements and carefully evaluate any potential constraints that may affect the design and installation. During this visit, we gather all the necessary information and create drawings and plans to ensure that we are equipped to create the perfect solution.

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Upon viewing the area in question, we realised that the gap where the gate would sit was quite a narrow one, and would therefore require particularly slim wrought iron posts to ensure the aperture remained the same but the weight of the gates was spread evenly across the brickwork. We incorporated this into our plan alongside a multitude of careful measurements and detailed notes on the customer’s desired decorative flourishes, security measures, colour and finish.

Once the design was finalised, our manufacture team got to work. We’ve been manufacturing wrought iron products since 1965 and as such, we are highly experienced in creating long-lasting and reliable products. High tensile strength and a galvanised finish means that wrought iron is a dependable material that’s protected from corrosion and requires very little maintenance. As a result, all of our wrought iron products come with a ten year guarantee against rust.

The installation took just half a day and was finished to the high professional standards we pride ourselves on. All installations are planned around the customer’s needs and are conducted with the utmost care and attention to safety standards. Our installation team is incredibly experienced and undergo ongoing, comprehensive product and safety awareness training to ensure installations are carried out in accordance with the most recent standards.

The final result is a simple, elegant gate that fits seamlessly with the country cottage backdrop. While the slim posts may look delicate, the wrought iron they are made of is incredibly strong. The security has been enhanced as per our client’s request thanks to an inbuilt lock that offers a simpler, safer security option than the latch and padlock solution of the previous gate. This was a small scale project with a big visual impact – all in all, a great success.