Bespoke Archway and Railings for Langdale Park.

A local council approached us to come up with a solution to improve the entrance to one of their local parks. They wanted to encourage people to use the dedicated entrance instead of walking or cycling across the grass of the park. This is due to damage being caused to the grass from the sheer amount of foot and cycle traffic choosing to walk over the grass rather than use the designated entrance and footpath. This damage not only makes the park look less attractive but can also cause water to be distributed unevenly, causing flooding and large muddy areas.

When coming up with a design for this project we were careful to pay attention to both traditional park gates and more modern bespoke design elements. The final design that we came up with carefully balanced traditional features for park railings and entrances, whilst still retaining a modern finish.

The finished design was developed after several on site meetings. Whilst loop-top railings are a common feature of parks, we added a delicate and intricate leaf pattern to this classic design in order to help the design stand out, whilst reflecting the beautiful natural surroundings of this park. This pattern was also used on the new archway entrance for the park. This gives the entire entranceway to the park a cohesive look and feel.

Green is considered a very traditional colour for park entrances, so ultimately we decided to finish both the arches and railings in green, not just to pay homage to this tradition but also to reflect the natural elements worked into the design and the park itself.

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with this finished project and how it suits its purpose while still adding a stylish, but appropriate, finish to the park.