Bespoke Contemporary Gates & Railings for a Modern House

As skilled manufacturers and installers, we are regularly asked to provide our made to measure wrought iron gates, railings, balconies and handrails for residential properties. And, because we don’t just provide off-the-peg products but also pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions, we’re often asked to help people create the perfect one-off product for their property, too.

A bespoke solution was exactly what our customer wanted in this case. After seeing some examples of our previous work, this customer approached us for our help with a special project. He needed railings, two driveway gates and a pedestrian gate as well as access control for the sweeping semicircular driveway area in front of his house. However, he had specific requirements when it came to the style of the gates and railings: he wanted a contemporary style that would complement the modern appearance of his house.

Having found a design he liked online, our customer came to us to discuss how it could be implemented at his property. The first step of any project is to perform a site evaluation to see how the desired project can be fulfilled. After visiting the customer’s property and evaluating the site we were able to agree to a final design and put together a plan for the agreed works. The access control aspect of this project required particularly careful planning as the customer needed access control for both vehicles and pedestrians, meaning a bespoke solution had to be planned, created and incorporated into the installation.


The gates and railings were manufactured from scratch by our experienced workshop team. It was an interesting bespoke build that involved considering the contemporary brief carefully. With a bold, heavy frame, clean lines and spindles of alternating straight and wavy styles, we decided a textured matte black finish would add to the contemporary feel and complement the sharp grey, cream and white shades of the customer’s house more than a standard plain black finish would.

The installation itself was hassle-free and planned in accordance with the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on working quickly, carefully and accurately to produce a premium finish and we won’t rest until the finished product is perfect. Our installation team is incredibly experienced and undergo ongoing, comprehensive product and safety awareness training to ensure your installation is carried out to the highest and most up-to-date standards.

The finished product was exactly as our client wanted: a contemporary design with a simple but significant presence. Pleased all round, we are very proud to add this project to our portfolio.