Contemporary Railings for a Residential Driveway

Although we have been manufacturing traditionally styled wrought iron gates and railings since 1965, we’re no strangers to modern projects either. In this case, our customer wanted railings for his modern residential property, to complement and improve the appearance of his newly finished driveway.

This customer came across our website, and was impressed by the quality of our craftsmanship, as well as the level of choice available from our bespoke wrought iron manufacturing workshop. The customer wanted a customised product that was constructed to his exact specifications, making Ironcraft the perfect wrought iron manufacturer for this project.

As with each project we undertake, we began the process with a site visit to the customer’s property, allowing us to get an idea of the area and discuss the brief. At this stage we also took careful measurements and notes to ensure a high level of quality and accuracy throughout the project.

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Our brief was to create a railing for the driveway in a modern style, so as not to look out of place in front of the house. The customer was keen to have heavyweight railings with a chunky feel, but incorporated into a simple design with clean lines. We decided not to include railheads which protrude from the railings, in order to keep the design in line with the clean and sophisticated style the customer had envisioned.

The customer wanted to ensure that there were no visible bolts, fixings, plates or brackets on the fence, to which we recommended that the railings be resin pegged to the walls for a fix-free finish. The chunky style meant that the heavy railings required some extra stability, which we were able to achieve with the addition of decorative supports, in-keeping with the overall design.

Here at Ironcraft, we’re extremely dedicated to making sure our work not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations. We carried out three site visits before any manufacturing began, to make sure the client was happy with the final design.

The result is a simple but stunning railing that adds the perfect final touch to the customer’s frontage. The client was very impressed with our attention to detail, and extremely pleased with the final result.