Creating a Contemporary Balustrade for a Residential Staircase

While the bulk of our work sees us specialise in outdoor solutions, it may interest you to learn that sometimes our solutions are ideal for indoor projects, too. This case in particular is a perfect example of how we helped a client to create their dream interior.

The client was modernising their home, a considerable undertaking that involved repainting, laying new carpets, fitting new doors and even redesigning the staircase, which is where we came in. The previous staircase balustrade was a very common style that can be found in many houses across the country. While perfectly serviceable, it didn’t fit with the contemporary aesthetic the client was trying to achieve.

The client had a very clear idea of what they wanted in terms of design, asking us to create a very contemporary, almost organic style of staircase balustrade featuring twisting, irregular spindles.

Our first step was to visit the client’s property to conduct an initial assessment where we could take careful measurements and discuss their requirements to establish a detailed brief. Upon reviewing the space and the client’s design requirements, we knew that hardwearing, high-quality, handcrafted wrought iron would be the ideal material for this project and were confident that our decades of experience in creating wrought iron railings and balustrades made us the perfect team to take on the challenge.

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The balustrade was made to measure by hand in our Leicestershire workshop by our expert manufacture team. When it comes to creating wrought iron products for indoor environments, the manufacture process is exactly the same as it is for outdoor projects other than the galvanisation stage, which isn’t necessary as the product will not be exposed to the outdoor elements.

As well as achieving the client’s very specific aesthetic, a crucial part of this project revolved around ensuring that the finished product met building regulations for staircase gap size. UK building regulations set out clear rules on the design of domestic staircases to enhance safety. We therefore had to consider the correct height of the handrail and the correct amount of space left between the spindles of the balustrade. According to the legislation, a 100mm sphere should not be able to pass through any opening in the balustrade.

It can sometimes be a challenge to maintain the desired aesthetic whilst also ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations. In this case, we had to be especially careful as the unusual and irregular style of the balustrade and its spindles made meeting the required measurements particularly tricky. Despite the complexity, however, our experienced team were ultimately able to create a finished product that looked the part and fully complied. It’s vital to work with a company that understands these regulations and incorporates them into the design of your solution from the get-go to prevent the possibility of having to make costly changes further down the line.

Another important element of this project was coordinating with other teams that would also be working in the house at the same time. During the two-week installation process, we worked in conjunction with a local joiner to remove and replace the old balustrade. We often work in collaboration with other tradespeople to ensure timely deliverance of projects and professionally finished results.

We always try to minimise disruption and inconvenience during installations, and as this was in the client’s home we took particular care to organise the fitting around the client’s schedule. Our fitters also made sure to protect the surrounding area from dust, debris and damage and left the area clean and tidy once the installation was complete.

The finished result is really something. The whole redesign comes together to create a truly eye-catching, stylish interior. Our client is really happy with the result, and so are we. Take a look at the gallery below to see what we mean!

If this has inspired you to change up your interior, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we could help. We’re always on hand to help advise you any residential refurbishment projects you may have.