Domestic Safety - Gate & Handrail

When thinking about the added safety benefits of a gate, most people’s first thought is about gates providing security in public areas. However, gates and handrails can also be crucial in providing a sense of safety and security in domestic spaces.

One of our most recent projects was focused on exactly that concept. How to keep a child safe in a domestic space.

Our clients were concerned grandparents seeking a solution to protect their grandchild from a set of steps that they had recently had installed. The steps were steep and curved, causing a potential hazard to a small child. Our clients decided that they wanted to have a gate and a handrail installed in order to increase the safety of using the steps.

They wanted their new gate and handrail to not only be functional but to also complement their existing garden and conservatory, which had a modern feel and colour. They wanted something a little different, but with clean lines, to go alongside the clean lines of their new granite steps. However, they didn’t want anything that would overpower their garden.

We were determined to ensure that their final gate and handrail was fitted to every one of their specifications. After several meetings with the clients and various sketches had been drawn up, they eventually settled on a design.

The design they chose was a subtle grass blades design. It was chosen to mimic the shape of grass and the natural feeling of their garden. Not only did it match the clean-cut modern design of their garden and conservatory but, despite the gate having no sharp edges, it would also have the added benefit of discouraging their grandchild from climbing it.

We laser cut the design to ensure that there were no sharp edges then hot dip galvanised all of the ironwork to guarantee that it would not rust over time. We finished the gate with a polyester coating in a silver grey to compliment the colours already on the client’s property.

The installation of the gate and accompanying railing had to be handled very carefully so that their expensive new steps were not damaged. Overall, we are incredibly happy with how every element of this project came together to create a wonderful finished product that is both fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.

If you feel that your property could benefit from the style and security of an iron gate or handrail, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. A member of our team would be more than willing to give advice or answer any questions you may have.