Gates & Railings for a Listed Building

A large, listed property in Warwickshire that had a notable local presence needed railings and a gate that would comply with conservation restrictions, preserve the property’s character and enhance security.

As the property was a listed building, cast iron was originally the preferred option for the railings and gates due to it being the traditional choice for railings. However, in light of the high maintenance that cast iron demands, the clients didn’t feel this was the right option for them. To get some advice and evaluate their options, they contacted us to see if it would be possible to create their gate and railings in a way that satisfied the conservation requirements yet didn’t require as much maintenance.

As specialists in handcrafted gates and railings, we were perfectly suited to advise them on this issue. We’ve been manufacturing wrought iron products since 1965 and are well-versed in the long-lasting and reliable qualities that wrought iron offers. In contrast to cast iron’s brittleness, wrought iron has a much higher tensile strength. And, as we galvanise all of our ironwork, it is protected from corrosion, meaning it requires very little maintenance. In fact, all of our wrought iron railings come with a ten year guarantee against rust. Once aware of these benefits, the clients decided that wrought iron was the ideal solution for their railings and gates.

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As with all listed buildings, there were strict planning constraints in place that we had to take heed of to ensure that the design of the gates and railings were in keeping with the property. We are used to balancing practicality, aesthetics and planning constraints in the course of our work.

Fortunately, we are experienced in working within planning and conservation constraints. As one of the few companies left in the UK who still manufacture wrought iron railings to the same level of quality craftsmanship as was expected in the Victorian times, we are often called upon to create authentic railings for listed properties.

As with any project, we worked closely with our clients to create drawings and plans and held site meetings to ensure that they received exactly what was required.

Our experienced manufacture team created made-to-measure railings for both the rear and front of the property. The clients didn’t want railheads, so instead we created a smooth topped railing that complement the design of the gates and added a hint of modernity without defying the need to preserve the authentic character of the property.

Our professional installation team then worked quickly and carefully to get the railings and gates safely and securely installed.

The finished result is long-lasting and compliant and fits harmoniously with the historic character of the building, as well as enhancing the security of the property as a whole. Take a look at the gallery below to see the final results for yourself - and don’t forget that our friendly team are always on hand to help advise you any residential or commercial projects you may have.