Modernising a Residential Property with Automated Gates & New Railings

Creating the perfect aesthetic takes a lot of skill. You need to be able to understand what a client has in their mind and translate it first into drawings and plans and then into a fully realised final result. It’s quite a responsibility to take on and it takes a lot of time and experience to perfect.

At Ironcraft, our ability to do this is something we take a lot of pride in. We work closely with our clients – residential or commercial – to develop their ideas and achieve their vision. So whether it’s railings, pedestrian gates, driveway gates or even a bespoke project, we’re a highly trusted company with the skills and experience needed to perfectly fulfil your brief.


Our customer was undertaking a large project that would see his entire property and front boundary undergo a thorough modernisation in terms of design. This included rendering the brick house, garage and walls with a fresh off-white finish and adding accents of anthracite grey – a popular contemporary colour combination that we have experience of working with in the past. The key project requirement for us was to facilitate the creation and installation of convenient to use, easy to maintain driveway gates and railings that fitted perfectly with this modern, clean design and colour scheme.

To suit our client’s brief, we designed a set of automated gates and railings made from metal framework with synthetic wood infill. There are a number of benefits when it comes to this type of gate, many of which suited our client’s needs perfectly. This style offers increased privacy, comes in a wide range of designs and can be colour matched perfectly to a client’s requirements. Made from a recycled composite material, synthetic wood also requires very little maintenance and boasts a lengthy lifespan. The galvanised metalwork frames offer the same long-lasting, low-maintenance qualities, ensuring that the overall structure is highly durable and easy to care for.

We chose a simple, modern design for the railings and gates that featured clean, straight lines and no additional detailing. Once the customer was happy, we entered the construction phase and then ensured that the installation was organised conveniently around the other work being undertaken at the property.

The installation was performed by our highly experienced installation team, who run a number of tests to ensure total safety when it comes to the installation of automated gates. We conducted a full risk assessment, a multipoint computer analysed force test for safety against crushing and fully assessed the system for any other potential risk areas as required by law and to ensure compliance with the latest European safety regulations. All of our installers undergo ongoing product and safety awareness training to ensure that we constantly achieve the highest, most up-to-date installations. We pride ourselves on working quickly, carefully and accurately to produce a premium finish and we won’t rest until the finished product is perfect.

The end result enhanced and secured the front of our client’s property and is sure to make an amazing first impression on any future visitors. In fact, our client was so pleased with the final appearance that he went on to order three more manual sets of gates to secure the sides of his property – a great result all round!