Replacing Automated Driveway Gates for a Residential Property

A key part of our job is to solve our client’s problems. And, thanks to our decades of experience, fortunately we’ve come to be pretty good at it! This case study is a perfect example of how we work with our client to create solutions that not only meet their known needs but also requirements they may not have realised they have.

In this case, our client needed a robust, long-lasting replacement for a pair of automated wooden gates. Over the years, the gates had been replaced multiple times due to the wood rotting beneath the paintwork, an unfortunately common problem with wooden gates as they require annual stripping, sanding and varnishing or painting to prevent deterioration. This is too high a level of maintenance for many people, who would, understandably, rather have a material that is easier to take care of. Our client was tired of replacing her wooden gates and asked us to provide a more durable alternative.


Fortunately, we have a number of options when it comes to finding a low maintenance material for gates. For this client in particular, we thought aluminium gates would be a perfect solution. Not only are aluminium gates virtually maintenance-free thanks to their corrosion-resistant properties, but they can also be made to look extremely similar to traditional wooden gate styles and coated with a tough, realistic wood-effect coating. These advantages meant our client would be able to retain her preferred aesthetic without suffering the accompanying maintenance pitfalls. You can learn more about aluminium gates in one of our recent blog posts, where we weigh up the benefits of the material against other options.

As our client had an existing automation system in place, she requested that we use this with the new aluminium gates. However, following our site assessment, we found that this system was no longer compliant with current health and safety requirements due to its age.

Solving the automation system was a slightly more complex task than finding an alternative gate material, but fortunately it’s an issue that we are highly versed in. Our experienced engineers are highly qualified and undergo ongoing, comprehensive product and safety awareness training.

Gate safety is an absolute priority for us when it comes to new installations or updates that we make to existing automated gates. When commissioned, we conduct a full risk assessment and a multipoint computer analysed force test for safety against crushing. We also fully assess the system for any other potential risk areas as required by law and to ensure compliance with the latest European safety regulations.

After conducting a thorough risk assessment, our engineers determined that it was possible to use the existing system as long as some important updates were made to it. By incorporating new safety features into the automation system and fitting safety edges to all potential crush zones, we ensured absolute compliance with gate safety requirements and regulations.

The result was a lovely, classic-looking pair of automated aluminium gates that were guaranteed to remain looking fresh and performing freshly for ten years. These strong, durable gates would relieve our client of maintenance woes and the updated automation system would ensure safe and secure operation.