All You Need to Know About Automated Driveway Gates…

As automated driveway gates are one of our most popular products, we decided to put together a blog covering all the benefits, practicalities and responsibilities to help introduce you to the idea of automated gates and assist you in making the decision on whether automated gates are right for your needs. Of course, if you need any further information then get in touch with our team – we’re always more than happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or to arrange a visit to survey the site in question.

Serious Advantages: Style, Convenience & Security

First and foremost, let’s talk about the advantages of automated gates. We think the brilliance of automated gates lies in the fact that they add a perfect trio of important benefits to your property: style, convenience and security.

When it comes to style, automated gates are sure to make an impression on your visitors. Handcrafted by our experienced team in a variety of materials including wrought iron, aluminium or wood, we create stylish and strong driveway gates in all kinds of designs for all kinds of properties. You can choose from a wide selection of existing styles or even create your very own bespoke design from scratch with help from our expert team.

But of course, style isn’t everything, and the main reason people choose automated gates is for the practical benefits that manual gates just can’t offer. Convenience is one of the top advantages that tempt people into considering automation. Opened and closed via a remote control, automated gates put an end to getting out of your car to struggle with large or heavy gates – an advantage particularly appreciated at night or in bad weather!

And last, but certainly not least, security. Added security is probably the prime reason that people opt for automated gates. With extra access control safety features such as intercoms and CCTV, they enable you to choose who you allow in and prevent unwanted callers. Irreversibly geared motors also enhance the security of the gates by making it very difficult for the gates to be forced open. Whatever your security needs, we’ll work with you to create the ideal automated system.

Tailor Made to Suit You: A Bespoke Solution

Working closely with you to create the ideal solution is something we’re extremely well practised at. We design, manufacture and install electric gates of the highest quality and pride ourselves in our ability to create a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Automation can be added to any of the driveway gates we manufacture, or even to your existing gates. As we appreciate that everyone’s installation requirements are different, we work with you from initial design to final installation to ensure that the perfect combination of security, style and ease of use is realised in the final result.

Accredited Installers That You Can Trust

For all their benefits, automated gates also demand a responsible approach to how they’re installed and maintained. We take the safety of automatic gates very seriously and have implemented a comprehensive range of strict health and safety measures to ensure absolute compliance.

Our team of installation engineers have over 20 years of installation experience and are CSCS accredited, CAMESAFE and Gate Safe approved. We’re huge supporters of Gate Safe’s mission and are very proud to be an accredited Gate Safe installer. For those who are unfamiliar with Gate Safe, let us elaborate a little on their mission. Gate Safe is a charity that was established in 2010 following two tragic fatal accidents involving children and automated gates. They seek to improve the understanding of existing legislation and standards around automated gates and offer clear guidance on what constitutes a safe gate. Focusing on raising awareness of vital safety issues concerning automated gates, the charity helps a range of installation professionals via training and education to bring about greater safety and tighter controls.

Despite all of our experience and qualifications, however, we don’t ever rest on our laurels. Our installation team continue to undergo ongoing, comprehensive product and safety awareness training to ensure that each and every automated gate that we install conforms to the highest and most up to date standards.

Keeping Your Gates Safe For Years to Come

Whatever kind of gate you choose, be it manual or automated, the material it’s made from will require a certain level of maintenance. And clearly, different materials will demand varying levels of maintenance. Wood, for example, requires annual stripping, sanding and varnishing or painting to prevent deterioration. Aluminium, on the other hand, is virtually maintenance-free thanks to its innate corrosion-resistant properties.

All automated gates, however, require the same amount of servicing to ensure that the automated elements are performing effectively, safely and legally once the initial 12-month guarantee from the date of their installation has expired. This service not only provides you with reassurance that everything’s in working order but it’s also a legal requirement. Residential properties generally only require annual servicing to prevent wear and tear and to stay within warranty rules, but commercial properties and non-residential multi-user sites require biannual servicing to comply with health and safety legislation.

Our comprehensive maintenance service will involves a number of checks and tests to ensure that your gates are performing safely. This includes greasing and cleaning moving parts and safety equipment, checking all hardware and settings and conducting a Multipoint Force Test, a crushing analysis and a full risk assessment.

To ensure that you receive regular services as required by law, we’ll send you annual maintenance reminders and get in touch to organise a service time that fits conveniently with your schedule.

Questions or Queries?

Hopefully this blog has given you a little more insight into what automated gates could add to your property, as well as what is required when it comes to upkeep. If you have any further questions or would like to organise a survey, don’t hesitate to give our team a call on 01455 847548 or fill in one of our online contact forms.