Award Winning Gates

We create many bespoke ironwork products for both residential and commercial clients across the Midlands. Our portfolio includes benches, gates, archways, and even a pergola. We consistently receive great feedback from our clients, but last year we also received an award from the Leamington Society for bespoke ironwork gates that we created at Strathearn Gardens.

The Leamington Society are dedicated to promoting high standards of planning and architecture, developing and extending the knowledge of Royal Leamington Spa and securing the protection and preservation of features of historic and public interest. As part of their work, every two years the Leamington Society present The Leamington Society Awards to recognise achievements in improving the physical environment in Leamington Spa. These awards can be given for a number of things, from restored period buildings, new buildings and restored or new shop fronts to landscapes and gardens, sculptures or other visual improvements. Anyone can nominate something for a Leamington Society Award – and that’s just what happened to our bespoke ironwork gates for Strathearn Gardens. 

The gates were commissioned to prevent vehicles from cutting through the park, and the brief was to create an artistic design that could still give access to maintenance vehicles. We designed a creative set of iron gates that featured silhouettes of foxes, trees and lampposts – images that reflected the setting of the park.

awards example

After tendering for the project and winning it thanks to our professionalism, style and creative ideas, we got to work creating the gates at our workshop. The parts were plasma cut and assembled before being galvanised and powder coated for aesthetic and preservation benefits. 

An accompanying mural was painted by local artist Izumi Segawa on the inside of the perimeter wall to the north of Strathearn Gardens. The two new elements tie together and bring a smarter, brighter aesthetic to the park. They both received not only a nomination but each won a Leamington Society award. We’re really proud to have been part of an award-winning project and to have our work recognised.