Benefits of Electric Metal Driveway Gates for Your UK Home

There are many factors to consider when selecting new metal driveway gates for your home. You might find yourself making the choice between wrought iron or aluminium, a classic design or a contemporary look, and possibly, whether you require electric driveway gates. 

Gate automation has become particularly popular in recent years with homes and businesses alike; but what are the benefits of automatic metal driveway gates for your UK home? 

The Advantages of Residential Electric Gates 

Enhanced Security

The most common reason to opt for automatic gates is security. With an electric driveway gate, there are many advanced security options available to you beyond the simple locking mechanism you may be used to with a manual gate. 

With sophisticated gate automation systems in place, you can take advantage of tools such as intercom systems, video relays, access codes or fobs, to give you complete control over who enters and exits your property. 

Not only do automated gates give you total access control, they also act as a powerful deterrent for would-be intruders - just the sight of an electric gate is enough to make someone think twice about trying to enter your property.  

As well as giving you peace of mind that your home is safe from intruders, an electric sliding gate or swing gate is a great way to keep any children or pets safe and prevent them from leaving your property.

Efficiency and Convenience

Another popular reason to opt for electric is the increased convenience that they offer over manual gates. With a manual gate, every time you leave your property, you need to go to the effort of getting out of your vehicle to open the gate, and again to close the gate behind you. With automatic driveway gates in place, you can avail of fob access and all you’ll need to do is drive up to your gate for it to open.

This is particularly useful in the cold British Winter months - no more getting out of the car in a hailstorm to pull open a heavy gate before you can go home! 

Increased Property Value and Aesthetic Appeal

We’ve spoken before about how wrought iron gates and railings can add value to your home, but this effect is amplified even further when it comes to an electric gate. 

Not only is an automated gate system a valuable asset in and of itself, but it also increases the curb appeal and perceived value of your home. Automatic gates are often seen as a symbol of status, and give the impression of an expensive home inside that is a luxury worth protecting. 

When it comes to selling your home, an automated gate system will give the impression of a safe, prestigious home with protection for young children and pets, ultimately enticing potential buyers and driving up the price of your property. 

Thinking of installing automatic driveway gates for your home? 

Here at Ironcraft, we take pride in our bespoke selection of sliding electric gates and automatic folding driveway gates, as well as our wide range of access control options.

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