CASE STUDY – Bespoke Wrought iron automated driveway gates

A big part of our job is to create functional items, and all are beautiful in our eyes – but every now and again, something truly amazing comes our way! This case study is a perfect example of how we work with our clients to create a bespoke driveway gate which not only looks stunning but also functions to the highest possible standards.


In this case, our client wanted a unique and highly decorative automated driveway gate to replace an older gate already at the property. After talking to our client about what they wanted, we went away to provide some visual ideas and examples. We do this with a lot of our clients, as it provides inspiration and helps them to envision what their final product could look like.


Our client decided on a gate that would have a representation of a growing tree, so our team got to work! In our workshop, we were able to create a bark effect on the trunk, and through forging (the process involving the shaping of metal using heat while hammering), we were successfully able to create the effect of wood on the branches. The whole process took six weeks to manufacture and our team are extremely proud of their work!

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Not only did our client want a bespoke design, but they also wanted an automated function on a sliding gate without being able to see any track. We decided to use a cantilever design for the sliding gate mechanism, which enables the gate to float above the ground. The cantilever design means that the gate is supported from one end as it opens and closes, so there is no need for a track to be fitted across the entrance. A single leaf cantilever gate can span a width of up to 10 metres and can be the ideal choice when installing on uneven ground, over block paving, grass, gravel or even water.


Our experienced engineers are highly qualified and undergo ongoing, comprehensive product and safety awareness training. Gate safety is an absolute priority for us when it comes to new installations of automated gates. When commissioned, we conduct a full risk assessment and a multipoint computer analysed force test for safety against crushing. We also fully assess the system for any other potential risk areas, as required by law and to ensure compliance with the latest European safety regulations.


We’re sure that you’ll agree, the result of this project is truly incredible! These strong, durable driveway gates have given our client the most beautiful aesthetic entrance to their home which if maintained properly, could last upwards of a decade. Meanwhile, the automation system will ensure safe and secure operation.


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