Compliment your garden design with railings and gates

Have you walked around your local area and spotted gardens with fantastic railings and gates and felt a little envious?

Railings and gates can give a property a stately, strong, and secure feel, they can make a real statement when used in garden design.

At Ironcraft we work with clients and garden designers to create railing and gate designs that create the right impression for each property. All our railings and gates are crafted at our Leicestershire workshop.

Our designers are experienced at designing and crafting the right railings and gates for each home.

We’re often asked why should we opt for using railings instead of fences are walls, so here are our top reasons for choosing bespoke railings and gates. 

●      Create a boundary at the front of your property, that looks imposing from a security perspective but does not block the view of your property

●      Designs tailored to the style of the property (period or modern), picking up period details in the design or clean modern design lines

●      Size & style of the railings and gates can be matched to the proportions of the property

●      Looking to maximize your view, if you don’t want to block a stunning view from your garden railings can be a perfect option

●      In conservation areas, you may need to have a specific style of railings or gate for your property

●      Stamping your personality on a property, with a design that is personal to you

●      Create a strong focal point and visual interest in a garden, with bespoke railings, gate or panel

●      Railings and gates can be crafted in a range of materials - wrought iron, aluminum or wood

These are just a few reasons why you should consider bespoke crafted railings and gates for your home.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration, visit our website - we’ve gathered a gallery of some of our work to inspire you. If you don’t see a design right for you, get in touch and talk to our designers.