Impress with double aluminium driveway gates

Impress with double aluminium driveway gates – our top design picks

Our gates definitely pack a punch if you are looking to impress – and with our experience, we know exactly which gate will work best for your property and how it will look. To help, we’ve picked out our top six double aluminium driveway gates!  

Our selection of aluminium gates reproduces the most popular styles of traditional wooden gates, but has the benefit of increased longevity and is virtually maintenance-free. Let’s take a look at our favourites!


The Somerton aluminium full privacy driveway gates come with vertical detailing and solid infills featuring a bell-curved top, a more classic design with a modern twist! These gates provide full privacy, with a modern and streamlined design. Full privacy is a great option to ensure the maximum protection of your property.  


The Sherborne is our flat top pair of aluminium driveway gates, with vertical solid infills and vertical centre spacings. This lovely design is modern and semi-private, creating a beautiful first impression of your home. These gates give you that modern, semi-private look. 


Pennsylvania is a semi-private pair of aluminium driveway gates. With vertical solid infills and curved inverted centre spacings, they offer a more modern design but don’t look out of place with a period property. The curved feature of these gates really creates a bit of drama, and will certainly impress. 


Salcombe is a flat top pair of aluminium driveway gates. They have a more contemporary design, but with these semi-private gates, the diagonal centre spacings offer an impressive entrance to your property. Meanwhile, the solid infills still offer security and privacy, creating a more modern feel to your property.


The Alderbury is a flat top pair of aluminium driveway gates with elegant detailing. Offering a more contemporary design, these semi-private gates have partial top spacing and can give a more modern feel to any property.


Our Beckington aluminium driveway gates are our most modern in style, and also offer a flat top. With solid infills and perforated sheet panels, the Beckington is an ideal option for those seeking a more contemporary design. 

What are the benefits of aluminium driveway gates?
Our aluminium gates are finished in Qualicoat, which protects your gates with a strong outer coating that is guaranteed for 10 years. The other great benefit to these gates is that you only really need to wipe them down with soapy water to keep them looking brand new, so there’s no need for treatments and there won’t be any movement, swelling or contracting. 

They are also available in any RAL colour with an extensive range of wood grain finishes. All our gates are powder-coated in a Qualicoat marine-grade finish, which ensures there will never be an issue with fading or flaking.

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