Exterior Garden Handrails

An accessible garden is a garden which is strong on aesthetics, is safe, secure for the homeowner, welcoming and useable for all 365 days of the year. Gardens that are built with accessibility in mind also helps to future proof the garden and allows it to grow with the residents of the property. Therefore, when it comes to garden design then thought and consideration needs to be given to what the future needs of the homeowner are likely to be.

Accessibility is often associated with people of restricted movement so the design and layout needs to consider the logical way people are going to use that particular garden and accommodate any mobility restrictions they might have.

This might include the introduction of aids such as ramps which tend to be installed to enable safer access between different levels in the garden. Alongside the permanent structure of a ramp, another example of assisting accessibility in gardens can be the introduction of handrails.

More often than not, handrails are a necessary feature to allow people to climb external steps. From the designs of outdoor handrails these tend to be either wall fixed garden handrails with decorative brackets or as ground-fixed handrails with posts.

Wherever they are introduced to the garden it is important that they should be placed at the right height for the user and should also be comfortable to grip. Handrails provide effective help and easy access to people with reduced mobility and balance particularly in their guidance of stairs.

At Ironcraft we have a proud history of accommodating these requirements in the handrails we manufacture for our clients. They are manufactured in various weights of metal and manufactured to accommodate various ground levels.

We are proud to be recognised as an official Gate Safe Installer which we hope provides peace of mind to customers on the quality of our work. We are also accredited by a number of leading health and safety construction and gate safety organisations.