How Wrought Iron Fencing Adds Value to Your Home

Many people laud wrought iron products for their timeless style, strength and durability. But did you know that wrought iron fencing can actually add resale value to your home?

We have previously discussed the advantages of wrought iron gates and railings that make them attractive from a homeowner’s perspective, but how do these benefits entice potential buyers and add property value?

Perceived Value

Not only does your home have a physical monetary value, it also has something called perceived value. This is what your home appears to be worth to buyers, and is not the actual monetary valuation you may have received.

Improving the perceived value of your home is a great way to make sure your actual valuation is high, and the value of your home creates a nice profit when you decide to sell.

Wrought iron as a material has a luxurious, elegant look, which adds a significant amount of perceived value to your property. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy a house with swanky swinging gates?

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Potential buyers will see your wrought iron railings before they have even seen the inside of your property. Wrought iron fences and gates are a great method of putting your best foot forward to anyone viewing your home.

Not only does this appeal to buyers who have booked viewings and already expressed an interest in your property, but also to passers by who might be driving through the area. Imagine someone driving past who is on the lookout for a new property. They see your “For Sale” sign, and what do they see next? A stunning set of railings that draw them in and entice them to stop, call your estate agent, and book a viewing.


When buying a home, many people start by checking out the area around the home as well as the property itself. A major aspect to consider is security - people tend to favour homes in areas with low crime rates, little antisocial behaviour, and easy access to law enforcement.

A wrought iron fence or gate really adds to the feeling of security around a home. Due to its high level of strength, wrought iron fencing is an effective way of keeping intruders out of your property.
When a potential buyer sees a wrought iron railing around the perimeter, it gives them peace of mind that they will feel safe and secure on the inside.

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