Looking after automated gates after a big storm

The UK has just been hit by two violent weekends of storms – Ciara and Dennis which have caused some untold damage to properties up and down the country. Whist most automated gated products will be able to withstand this weather perfectly fine, some of the extreme conditions we have witnessed recently could potentially lead to some damage. Therefore, what should you look for after a storm to ensure your automated gates will continue to operate effectively for you?

With any installation of automated gates, we always recommend regular servicing. This is something we offer all our customers. Given the technologies involved in the gates, this is a sensible approach. But, following a storm such as the ones we have witnessed this year it is also worthwhile to check your gates for any unexpected issues.

Excessively strong winds can have an effect on the foundations of automated gates. This is because the wind will push and pull gate pillars, posts and piers which can in turn rock and put pressure on the foundations. So, with winds recently seen in excess of 60-70 mph it is always worth checking for any cracks in the piers , around any foundations and motor casings.

If the gates were operated in strong winds, then additional pressure will likely have been applied to the hinges. Any damage to hinges can cause the gates to move excessively in unwanted directions whilst they are in the process of opening and closing. Once again it is prudent to check around the hinge area.

One approach to help protect automated gates in extreme wind is to keep them either safely closed or permenantly open.

With heavy persistent and prolonged periods of rain like we have witnessed this year, then unfortunately underground motors can be subject to flooding. If they are submerged in water for a significant period of time then they can suffer from corrosion  and perished seals which can cause significant motor damage. It is advisable to check the motors after the rain has subsided. Lift the lid to check for any blockages , water not clearing away and any build up of debris. Heavy rain can wash slurry, silt and general waste from the pavements causing potential blocked drainage.

Here at Ironcraft, all our products are made onsite at our workshop in Earl Shilton and are designed to ensure longevity. We are confident and proud of the gates we make and provide our customers with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects and rust on all non-moving parts. But we can’t predict for all weather conditions, so we would recommend given the weather we have endured recently a check of your automated gates is a prudent activity.

If you have any questions or concerns abut your automated driveway gates please contact the Ironcraft team.