Meet the team – our fabrication staff

In this blog series, we are celebrating our talented team members. Every person at Ironcraft is committed to ensuring that our products are of the highest quality – from design through to manufacture and installation. 

Since our founding, Ironcraft has remained in the Ayre family and grown to become a well-respected, local company that produces a huge variety of wrought iron products. 

With over 150 years of experience among us, we believe our success is down to the personal attention given to each and every one of our customers, and our dedication to creating high-quality products.

Despite our growth, we have retained the small family feel and excellent service that is often so missing when dealing with larger companies. 

Next up, let us introduce you to the Ironcraft fabrication staff!

Our fabrication staff have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and work in the yard where they deal with preparation, cutting, punching, steel grinding, spraying and lifting – not to mention going out on-site when needed (undertaken in all weathers and conditions!).

Our newer staff are trained on the job and through NVQ welding courses. As a result, our team are able to manufacture everything from straightforward, standard designs to complex bespoke work.

Danny Richards

Danny has been with us at Ironcraft since 2013! He joined us as a fitter, but now spends his time organising the many jobs that come through the yard for finishing off. 

He is now multi-skilled, and not only does he organise the yard team, he also fettles, sprays and occasionally still turns his hand to installations!



Dave Colden 

Dave is our workshop manager and started with us in 1997 – as a very young man! He knows the business inside-out and has worked through all areas of the workshop. 

He is incredibly skilled in fabrication and has a flair for putting unusual and creative projects together. Dave can take a simple drawing of a gate and turn it into a work of art – impressive!



Matt Langton

Matt, like Danny, also started with us in 2013. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with all kinds of metals. Matt is also the one we call upon for any repairs and maintenance – he’s very handy – which makes him a very valued person on the team!

Apart from fabricating in our workshop, Matt also works on individual jobs, putting forward loads of ideas and finding intelligent solutions when we carry out our bespoke projects. Thanks, Matt!

He is Dave’s right-hand man and takes responsibility for the running of the workshop when Dave is away. 



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