Peace of mind with self-closing gates

At Ironcraft, we pride ourselves on providing the best solutions to our customers. As a family-run business, we like to take that extra step in getting it right for you – it's important for us to ensure that your needs are met, whether you're in a residential setting or a commercial one. Everyone we meet has a unique story and set of problems or needs, so to find the right product or solution we make sure that we understand exactly what you need first.

Security is a big concern for families and businesses alike when it comes to gates. Human error often results in gates being left open, and in certain circumstances, it is essential that this is always prevented from happening. That may be in large communities where there is a duty of care to those inside the property, such as in schools or care homes, but it can also be a simple convenience or necessity for households. 

We see many customers concerned about wanting to keep their workplaces or properties secure. Sometimes it can be to keep young children or pets safely inside – when someone comes in or out of your driveway, you want peace of mind that your property is secure and the gate is always closed. For businesses, that could mean ensuring the safety of staff, industrial equipment and machinery, or providing a place of safety. All of our customers have their concerns and reasons for wanting secure driveway gates. 

In cases such as these, we are able to offer a solution that removes the risk of human error by installing a self-closing gas ram solution to the inside of your gates. This ensures that your driveway gates automatically close each time they are opened – it’s a little like the mechanism you find on fire doors to keep them shut. It’s a reliable and long-lasting solution and is simply welded or screwed using brackets to the gate and post. If we are dealing with heavy-duty commercial gates, then hydraulic closers can be used. 

Customers approach us knowing that they need a solution but not knowing what that is. But that's where we come in! Our team of experienced and dedicated staff can help you find the gate that’s most suitable for your needs. In the circumstances such as the above, self-closing gates are often the answer. They provide peace of mind knowing that your gate will always close, and in some cases, lock. 

Self-closing gates can provide many safety solutions, as they are reliable and eradicate any potential dangers caused by human error. If you are interested in knowing more about them, or anything else that Ironcraft may be able to help you with, our knowledgeable team are always on hand to advise and help you to select or create the perfect solution. As well as designing and manufacturing a range of items, we also provide an accredited, professional installation service for all of the products we offer.

Contact us today for advice and guidance on finding your perfect driveway gate.