Which Style of Wooden Gate is Right for You?

Wooden driveway gates are wonderful. We love the look and feel they bring to a property. However, there’s a major downside when it comes to wood: maintenance.

To minimise the typical maintenance requirements associated with wood as much as possible for our customers, we only provide wooden gates that have been handcrafted using tough hardwoods and robust construction techniques for maximum durability. We also recommend an annual programme of maintenance to wooden gate owners to help to preserve their gates for as long as possible. Despite this, it is inevitable that marks such as knots, shakes and resin pockets will occur within the wood and that movement, swelling and contracting will happen over time as the wood is exposed to heat and water.

If this is a worry for you but you love the aesthetic of wood and are therefore conflicted about which type of driveway gate you should choose, then we may have several solutions: metal wood effect gates, wood effect coated aluminium gates and metal wood lined gates. Read on below to learn about how these gates can give you the best of both worlds.

Metal Wood Effect & Coated Aluminium Gates

A metal wood effect gate or an aluminium gate with a wood effect coating is a fantastic alternative to a wooden gate. Both of these options retain quite a convincing wood-like aesthetic whilst requiring almost zero maintenance. With a ten year guarantee against rust and a ten year guarantee on coatings respectively, these are a hardwearing, extremely strong and reliable options that are increasingly popular choices. You can take a closer look at some of the designs we’ve created here (link to metal wood effect gates) and here (link to aluminium gates here).

Metal Wood Lined Gates

We like to think of metal wood lined gates as the best of both worlds. We begin with extremely robust metal frames that are galvanised and powder coated and then lined or overlaid with one of two wood options: Fraké, a thermally modified semi-hardwood with water repellant properties that suffers only minimal levels of contraction or expansion; or synthetic wood, which is made from a recycled composite material and boasts an impressively long lifespan as well as very little maintenance requirements. The metal frames come with a 10 year guarantee against rust as does any wrought iron detailing you may choose to incorporate into your design.

If you’re still unsure which gate is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’ll be happy to talk through your options and visit your property to assess the best choice for your needs.